Preserving the innocence of children

About us

Unchained Trust helps vulnerable children in South Africa by applying a holistic approach to providing for their primary needs (i.e. physical, social, educational and psychological).

Show us a child in need and we will strive to provide for his/her needs. We seek to assist abandoned children, children unable to access education, children at risk in dangerous communities, children unable to access basic sanitation and children living with disabilities.

Preserving the innocence of children
  • To bring about meaningful change and holistic development in children’s lives.
  • To provide children opportunities to make peace with the past, develop their self-esteem, be a child that can enjoy being a child, obtain a school education, partake and excel in different sport disciplines and focus on the bright future ahead of them.
  • To encourage children to dream and reach for their dreams beyond the limiting boundaries created by their surroundings by giving them the best chance possible in life.
  • We wish to thank all those individual members, donors, and child sponsors who continue to support our work.
  • We also thank the many organisations who have awarded grants to support our work.
  • We are grateful to the following volunteers who have provided photography and web maintenance